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Home Electronics now offers small business owners, parents and security professionals the easiest and most convenient solution for locating and tracking vechicles, family members, pets and just about any kind of critical personal or business asset.

Mini Personal Trackers
From throwing the device into your child’s backpack to using the device to track and recover stolen assets, u-TRAQ’s line of miniature universal GPS trackers can be used just about anywhere. Their compact size and easy operation allow you to sell a quick, solution to track or monitor the location of pets, children, the elderly, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, high-value business assets, tools, materials, vehicles and more.

  • Locate on demand, or track every five minutes for an hour
  • Track location every 5 minutes while moving
  • Ability to establish multiple “Alert Zones” to trigger notifications when the device enters or leaves defined area
  • Speed Alerts via email or text message when exceeding a user-defined speed
  • Maintains up to a 30-day location history
  • Supports up to 1,000 devices with multiple groups and user logins
  • Alerts for low battery

Asset Trackers
Business owners, improve your asset management expenses and control them by monitoring the location of your most valuable assets. With our GPS Tracking services you have the power to locate and recover lost or stolen assets. Home Electronics now offers u-TRAQ's line of GPS-based asset tracking devices and easy to use mapping service.

  • Extra-long battery life – months to years based on device settings
  • Monitor the location of an asset at a set time frequency
  • Get alerts when assets enter and exit a user-defined zone
  • Receive alerts for low battery
  • Maintain location history up 30-days
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